Sonder & Silver

Handcrafted Jewelry

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SONDER: (n.) the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid & complex as your own.

The Idea

Sonder is the profound realization that each person you meet is living their own life, and has their own world filled with their own worries, pains, pleasures, and ambitions. 

The same as yourself, in a sense, but also as intricate and as different as could be imagined. The IDEA is that there are millions of stories happening all around the world, all at once, all totally oblivious and separate from one another.

I named my silversmithing company after this word because I believe it is imperative that we adopt this word, this FEELING, into our daily lives. We need to remind ourselves that strangers and friends alike may be fighting battles we do not know of. Every single person on this Earth has some sort of struggle, whether it is financial, emotional, or even survival. Let's remember this and be kind to one another. Together we can change the world 🌎 ✌

Style & Quality

My name is Sidney and I am the sole designer, creator, and distributor for Sonder & Silver. Here you will find handcrafted sterling silver adornments for your fingers, wrists, neck, and ears.

I am an active hiker, snowboarder, and yogi, so my handmade pieces are meant to be a little more 'life-proof' than most machine-made or mass-produced items. Many of my pieces are meant to be worn every day. Some items are made-to-order, while others are ready to ship, but each and every piece is carefully crafted by me in my cozy studio, and meant to last a lifetime. I like to think the handcrafted jewelry I put out into the world may one day become a family heirloom.

I am not currently accepting custom requests. Contact me if you would like to be placed on a list for a custom[ized] piece, or if you just want to bounce an idea off me.

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