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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I figure out my ring size ?

Ring sizers are available for about $8 at any craft supply store. If you wear or purchase rings regularly, I would recommend getting a ring sizer so that you are able to order the size that will fit your fingers (or a certain finger) best. There are also free printable templates and ring sizers on the internet. If you're not an avid ring collector and are only interested in buying a couple pieces along the way, I would suggest just stopping by your local jeweler and having your finger measured. Also, I will never ask a client to ‘size up’ (or down) based on the thickness of the ring band. You tell me what size you would like your ring to fit and I will make it so.

How can I better secure the delivery of my item(s) ?

For an additional $4, you can request a signature confirmation of the delivery - this means that you or someone in your home must be present for the package to be delivered. This is a simple and cheap way to ensure your beloved new pieces make it into your arms safe and sound. Packages are not often lost or stolen, however Sonder & Silver is not responsible for any lost or stolen items if the package's tracking number confirms it was delivered at the designated location.

Extra insurance is also available for purchase, but will vary based on the amount of money you would like to insure it for. Please contact me via email to request a quote for insurance over $200.

Customs & Deposits

Custom and personalized orders are some of the most special pieces to me. To realize how many people have trusted me to create one-of-a-kind pieces for them that they will cherish for the rest of their life... It's incredibly heart-warming and fulfilling. I absolutely love taking custom orders to say the least. However, I have to simultaneously let my own ideas flourish and come to fruition. For this reason, I take a maximum of ten custom requests per month. Please email me or send me a message on Instagram to reserve a spot on my customs list.

For all custom orders, I require a $50 deposit per piece before I begin working. This fee reserves materials (stones) and more importantly, my time. Time equates to money as an artist and small business owner. The deposit is in place to ensure that the buyer plans on paying for the final product, and if the buyer backs out or changes their mind for any reason, that I am still getting reimbursed for labor. Rest assured, this has never occurred before, as I keep in contact with each buyer throughout the entire creative process, from initial design to final touches - the reason I send behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to customers along the way is so that if something is wrong or they want it a different way, I can make the necessary adjustments, not to mention it's pretty cool to see your piece being handcrafted! And as I pride myself on quality and precision, there should be no reason for a customer to be dissatisfied with a piece if it is catered to the customer's preference and the craftsmanship is solid. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority besides innovation and further honing my skills, so please keep in touch with me throughout the process of fabrication, this way we can ensure that all parties are in-the-know and satisfied.